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Papillon Dermatology provides expert dermatologic care. Papillon Dermatology specializes in the detection and treatment of skin cancer and cosmetic dermatology.

With over 60 Years of Combined Experience, Dr. Ubogy and Dr. Thaler are experts at DETECTING SKIN CANCER.
The three most common forms of skin cancer are:
  • Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Melanoma
Doctor Studying a mole - Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeons  in Mesa AZ
Doctor inspecting back - Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeons  in Mesa AZ
Besides our visual acumen, we are using dermoscopy. Dermoscopy is a state of the art procedure that allows us to look through the skin surface and get a better look at suspicious lesions. It is non-invasive and it doesn't hurt, but it more accurately detects some skin cancers and reduces the need for some biopsies and, therefore, eliminates unnecessary scarring. Melanoma is becoming more common and Dermoscopy is helping to better detect this and other skin cancers. By better detection and earlier treatment, we hope to save more lives.

As a skin cancer center, we also provide our patients with MOHS Surgery. You do not have to go anywhere else to have your skin cancers removed. Dr. Thaler has over 26 years of experience in MOHS Surgery and trained with the founder of the procedure. MOHS is a procedure that tracks the skin cancer cells as it is removed and provides the highest cure rate for skin cancer removal. Dr. Thaler has extensive training in cosmetic repair after the removal of your skin cancer.
If you have any suspicious areas, if you have been diagnosed presently or in the past with any form of skin cancer, or if you have not yet been screened for skin cancer, please call Papillon Dermatology today. Early detection and treatment by our board certified physicians is your best weapon in the fight against skin cancer.
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