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Papillon means butterfly in French. We chose Papillon as the name of our practice because we believe in “transforming you into a more beautiful you”. Both of our physicians are extensively trained in the use of various fillers and Botox.

Dr. Ubogy has a passion for cosmetic dermatology. She has always loved helping people look their best. She has been using fillers for over 25 years and considers filling an art form. She has expertise with Dysport/Botox Cosmetic, Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Belotero. In fact, Papillon was one of eight research centers in the United States to be involved with Artefill.

Fillers are used to correct wrinkles and replace volume loss within the skin.
Dr. Ubogy only uses fillers that she considers safe and effective, those that she would use personally. Therefore, Dr. Ubogy tests all fillers on herself before she will administer them to others. She tests to fully understand the feel, look & lasting effects of each filler.

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) stimulates your skin to make collagen and elastic tissue. Your skin appears smoother and refreshed while building a strong foundation over time.

In addition to the caring, personalized consultation with an Experienced Board Certified Physician, our patients receive specialized techniques prior to the procedure to minimize discomfort, bruising and swelling. Dr. Ubogy believes that you should not only look better after receiving a filler, you should look natural & feel great!

Fillers can be used to treat:

enhancing cheekbones - Dermatology Physicians & Surgeons in  Mesa AZ
  • “Liquid Face-lift” and “Liquid Eyebrow Lift”
  • Camouflage “Bagging” under Eyes
  • Enhance Cheekbones
  • Glabellar Folds of the Forehead
    (the “Elevens”)
  • Help Elevate the Eyebrows
  • Lip Lines/Lip Augmentation
  • Marionette Folds around the Mouth (the “Puppet Lines”)
  • Nasolobial Folds around the Mouth (the “Parentheses”)
  • Reduce the appearance of “Puffy Circles” in the Eye Area
  • Sagging Earlobes
Dysport and Botox are used to decrease the movement of muscles that create wrinkles and that, over time, make those wrinkles deeper. The earlier you treat the wrinkles, the better! Dysport and Botox are especially useful in treating the Frown Lines. Untreated, these rhytids (wrinkles) make people look mad or unpleasant. Dysport and Botox are the number one used treatments for this reason. Additionally, they are used to treat Crow's Feet, Forehead Lines, Lip Wrinkles, and to help Elevate the Downward Turned Corners of The Mouth. It can also be used to improve Jowling and excessive Sweating.
Call Papillon Dermatology today to schedule your consultation and find out which Cosmetic treatment is best for you. We look forward to seeing you!
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